INTEROR employs 145 people, has a total production capacity of 160 m3 within 5 production buildings. Apart the hydrogenation workshop dedicated to hydrogenation and pressure reactions, each building has been designed to handle specific hazardous chemistry but remains truly multi-purpose allowing classical chemistry to be run for multi-steps synthesis.

INTEROR can therefore take part in significant industrial development projects related to its area of expertise.

Core technologies for custom manufacturing / exclusive synthesis

  • Glass lined and stainless steel reactors ranging from 1 500 L to 8 000 L
  • Different distillators. One glass lined distillator of 4 m3 (12 plates) with vacuum up to 3 mbars
  • Drying capacities and Cleanroom ISO 8
  • High and low pressure catalytic hydrogenations (max 120 bars, 300°C)
  • Hydrogenations in acidic medium (5 bars, 160°C)
  • Pressure reactions
  • Chemical reductions (including LAH reductions)
  • Grignard reactions (production of Grignard reagents in large scale for internal use, THF dry-off on site)
  • Brominations (with Bromine and Brominating agents)
  • Diazotations
  • Sand-Meyer reactions
  • Chlorinations with chlorinating agents
  • Claisen-Dieckmann reactions
  • Splitting
  • Boc, Cbz protections

Hazardous substances handled

  • Alkoxides
  • Aluminium chloride
  • Ammonia (gas and aqueous)
  • Bromine
  • Chlorinating agents (SOCl2, POCl3, PCl3...)
  • Ethylene oxide
  • HBr
  • HCl gas
  • LAH
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium metal
  • Others: Methylamine, Hydrazine hydrate...