A French force in fine chemicals and a supplier to the pharmaceutical and specialty industry, INTEROR places product quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities.

In recent years, INTEROR has expanded its product portfolio to include starting materials, GMP intermediates, cosmetic ingredients and the specialty industry with high quality requirements.

To ensure a reliable and sustainable production of its products, INTEROR has thus developed its Quality Management System around compliance with customer specifications and the fundamental principles of ICHQ7 (cGMP) requirements placing

  • Traceability
  • Data integrity
  • The control of changes
  • The control of cross-contamination

at the heart of its Quality Policy for its entire range of products and applications.

The Quality unit relies on its fully equipped analytical department for standard analyses (GC, HPLC, melting point, titration...) of products offered for sale but also more specific analyses including the determination of impurity structures (NMR, IR, UV spectrum) especially during the development phases.

INTEROR is an establishment authorized by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) for its activities of manufacturing GMP intermediates used in the synthesis of active ingredients and for which the company holds a certificate of conformity to Good Manufacturing Practices.