5 Dec 2023

The Research and Development team is essential for INTEROR’s business.

In the laboratory, the engineers and lab technicians develop and optimize the synthesis routes of molecules that will be produced tomorrow in the production plants. To support the development of its activity and to secure the production of strategic and essential molecules as part of the French plan for relocation of healthcare industries (France Relance and France 2030), INTEROR has invested in a new laboratory.
Such investment aims at enhancing the working conditions of the R&D staff and at offering them a framework conducive to the development of the new organic intermediates and starting materials under study for the pharmaceutical and the specialty chemicals industries.

This new lab « Michel Ratti », named after the founder of INTEROR, was inaugurated the 24th of May 2023 by Ms. Véronique Deprez-Boudier, deputy reeve of Calais, represented by Ms. Caroline Benard.