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History and Technologies

Since 1976, Interor is a 100 % private company (family owned, created by Mr Michel Ratti), and has been operating its business in Calais, in the North of France, near the channel tunnel. Specialist of hydrogenation, high pressure, high temperature at the outset, INTEROR has steadily expanded its scope to other technologies.

Today the company employs 128 people, has a total production capacity of 140 m3 within 5 production buildings. Apart the hydrogenation workshop dedicated to hydrogenation and pressure reactions, each building has been designed to handle specific hazardous chemistry but remains truly multi-purpose allowing classical chemistry to be run for multi-steps synthesis. INTEROR can therefore take part in significant industrial development projects related to its area of expertise.

Core technologies for custom manufacturing / exclusive synthesis

  • High and low pressure catalytic hydrogenations (max 120 bars, 300°C)
  • Hydrogenations in acidic medium
  • Pressure reactions
  • Chemical reductions (including LAH reductions)
  • Grignard reactions (production of Grignard reagents in large scale for internal use, THF dry-off on site)
  • Brominations (with Bromine and Brominating agents)
  • Diazotations
  • Sand-Meyer reactions
  • Chlorinations with chlorinating agents
  • Claisen-Dieckmann reactions
  • Splitting
  • Boc, Cbz protections