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History and Technologies

Founded in 1975 by Michel Ratti, then significantly developed by its family and the managing teams of the company, Interor has a solid and comprehensive know-how in the development and production of organic intermediates, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Based in Calais, Interor provides its customers, who are mostly large pharmaceutical and chemical groups, with excellent R&D and a high-tech industrial site which manufactures under the best conditions in compliance with quality standards, safety and respect for the environment.

In December 2020, Turenne Groupe, accompanied by Nord Capital Investissement, Bpifrance and the entrepreneur Geoffroy Waroqueaux who becomes the new Chairman, acquired a majority stake in Interor, alongside the founding family Ratti-Guillot and some of the main managers of Interor. Alongside the new Chairman, Geoffroy Waroqueaux, the management team and the Guillot-Ratti families, Turenne Santé wishes to give Interor the means to continue its growth and to accompany its renowned clients in their many current and future projects.

Geoffroy Waroqueaux, with whom the Turenne Santé team has worked in the past, has acquired a solid and long experience in the management and commercial development of chemical and pharmaceutical production sites, particularly within Ponroy, Famar, Boehringer and more recently the Laboratoires Richard, pharmaceutical site of Pharma & Beauty Group. Geoffroy has a doctorate in industrial pharmacy and holds a master's degree in Organic chemistry and Biochemistry.

Today the company employs around 145 people, has a total production capacity of 140 m3 within 5 production buildings. Apart the hydrogenation workshop dedicated to hydrogenation and pressure reactions, each building has been designed to handle specific hazardous chemistry but remains truly multi-purpose allowing classical chemistry to be run for multi-steps synthesis. INTEROR can therefore take part in significant industrial development projects related to its area of expertise.

Core technologies for custom manufacturing / exclusive synthesis

  • High and low pressure catalytic hydrogenations (max 120 bars, 300°C)
  • Hydrogenations in acidic medium
  • Pressure reactions
  • Chemical reductions (including LAH reductions)
  • Grignard reactions (production of Grignard reagents in large scale for internal use, THF dry-off on site)
  • Brominations (with Bromine and Brominating agents)
  • Diazotations
  • Sand-Meyer reactions
  • Chlorinations with chlorinating agents
  • Claisen-Dieckmann reactions
  • Splitting
  • Boc, Cbz protections