Responsible care

INTEROR engaged in responsible care in 2008, and we renewed our commitment in 2020

Protection of the Environment and Industrial Safety are the core commitment of the whole INTEROR staff. Our procedures, implemented by trained and skilled staff, enable us to master our process from design to operations.

Our regular investments allow us to manage specific risks and reduce our environmental impact.
Our site has its own biological wastewater treatment plant compliant to current standards.

Emergency Response management is also essential. For this we rely on our human resources (72 emergency rescuers and 84 fire responders) and on our equipment. The fire protection system includes a 450 m3 fire water supply tank, a fire-extinguishing water distribution network (11 bars) covering the entire site, a firewater collection system leading to a 750 m3 containment, as well as foam fire protection of our storage facilities.

INTEROR's operating permit enables us to use a large number of substances and processes, implementing complex chemistry. Regulatory compliance is ensured through numerous internal audits and frequent inspections by environmental authorities. Open and regular communication is made to stakeholders.

We make our contribution to sustainable development by implementing technologies that save water and energy. New cold units and more efficient air compressors, improved water treatment are some recent examples of the progress made.

During the years 2018 to 2020, nearly € 2 million were invested by INTEROR for safety, the environment and sustainable development.

The safe management of chemicals, internally or with our partners, is essential for us. For this, the Interor HSE team keeps a constant technological watch to anticipate the regulatory changes of our obligations concerning our products vis-à-vis, among others, REACH, CLP and Transport regulations.

REACH regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of CHemical substances, as well as the restrictions applicable to these substances:
  • INTEROR has registered nearly 70 substances, mainly as Transported or On Site Isolated Intermediates, meeting the conditions of Articles 17 or 18 of the REACH Regulation. For the majority of these files, INTEROR is the Lead Registrant.
  • To ensure the development of new projects, INTEROR regularly submits PPORD files for its product and process oriented research and development activities. Currently, 4 PPORD Dossiers are active and should lead to a registration in the coming months.

CLP Regulation about the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures:

  • In addition to the available study data, INTEROR uses (Q)SAR software to obtain physico-chemical, toxicological or eco-toxicological data concerning its substances.
  • These data are included in the REACH Dossiers for substances manufactured or imported at more than 1 tonne per year and are used by INTEROR to edit the Material Safety Data Sheets for substances placed on the market, but also for those which are isolated but remain on site, as well as substances under development in its R&D laboratory.

Transport regulations :

  • INTEROR ensures that its shipments comply with ADR, IMDG and IATA regulations.
  • Two internal Safety Advisors for the transport of Dangerous Goods on office.