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Declaration of intent to improve REACH dossiers – CEFIC Action plan


On 14th June 2018, Cefic and ECHA signed a Joint Statement whereby they agreed to cooperate to promote a gradual and planned improvement of the quality of the REACH registration dossiers and identify (groups of) specific substances, or scientific and technical challenges, which require expert discussion.

Cefic has developed a REACH Action Plan for Review / Improvement of Registration Dossiers to encourage and support companies in evaluating existing registration dossiers and implement follow up actions, while keeping close contact with ECHA and its strategy.

This declaration is to confirm that, in full compliance with competition law and within the context of the mentioned REACH Action Plan for Review / Improvement of Dossiers [Version 1, 26 June 2019], INTEROR intends in its own discretion and in line with REACH requirements to:

  • Take steps to review the quality of its REACH registration dossiers and provide further information, where appropriate.
  • Provide on an annual basis to Cefic the data listed in the CEFIC Reporting Template and authorises Cefic to publicly report on the REACH registration dossiers reviews, on an aggregated and anonymised basis.

Signed by Jean-Pierre GUILLOT (REACH Coordinator) on June 8, 2020